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Interested in putting your truck to work and seeing the country? Give us a call at 574-533-5886 and find out how you can start bringing recreation to the nation!

You can also have your questions answered by emailing

Driver Requirements

  • You must be at least 23 years old.
  • Have two years experience pulling a trailer or equivalent.
  • Driving record (MVR) must be approved through Gateway's insurance
    • No D.U.I. or O.W.I. for the past 10 years
    • Can only have 1 non-major violations in past 3 years
    • No major violations in the last 3 years
  • Current D.O.T. Physical. To find a certified medical examiner near you, click here.
  • Must have appropriate driver's license as per issuing state
  • Must be able to pass Gateway's pre-hire road test
  • Must have a smart phone

Recommended Equipment

  • Fifth wheel hitch rated for 18,000 lbs
  • Extension Mirrors
  • Adjustible receiver
  • Auxiliary fuel tank

Truck Requirements

  • Truck must be 2008 or newer
  • Truck must be 3/4 ton, 1 ton or larger model
  • License plate rated for 26,000 lbs
  • DOT Annual Truck Inspection
  • Unladen Insurance Covering $500,000 (can set up at orientation)
  • Bumber hitch rated for at least 10,000 lbs
  • 2 5/16" and 2" ball
  • Fire Extinguisher (Must be mounted)
  • 3 DOT certified Safety Triangles
  • Mudflaps (must cover the width of the tires and be within 6" of the road)
  • Torque Wrench (Clicker or Digital Style)
  • No tint on windshield or front windows
  • Car/Marine battery with battery box
  • Spare Fuses for truck
  • No radar detectors
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Tire Chains