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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of hiring on?

The first step in the hiring process is to submit a completed Gateway driver application with a copy of your driving record (MVR). After your application and driving record have been approved, you will need to ensure that you have all the necessary equipment. Finally, you will need to schedule an orientation by contacting Gateway’s hiring department at 574-533-5886 or Orientation last a day and includes a road test and drug test.

How much money can I make in this business?

The amount of profit you can earn in this business depends on several factors. To estimate your take-home pay, you will need to factor in your truck’s MPG, estimated costs for repairs/maintenance, anticipated weekly mileage, and Gateway’s current driver rate. For information on Gateway’s current rates, please call 574-533-5886.

Do I need a fifth wheel?

A fifth-wheel is recommended but not required. Many of the RV’s we transport are fifth-wheels. Drivers that are able to transport fifth-wheel RVs have more options than drivers who do not.

Do I need a CDL?

A CDL is recommended but not required. A CDL enables a driver to transport the heavy trailers, which pay more than regular RVs. Many states require a special endorsement or license to drive commercially. For example, Indiana requires a for-hire endorsement to drive commercially.

Where can I deliver?

Gateway drivers transport all over the United States. Occasionally a driver will have the option to take trailers to Canada, but not frequently. The more willing and able a driver is to deliver anywhere, the more options they will have.

How often do I need to run?

Generally, a driver should plan on running at least 600 miles per week.

Can I take a passenger?

Gateway drivers are authorized to take one passenger if they have completed the necessary paperwork and the passenger is at least 13 years old. However, drivers are restricted from bringing a passenger until after they have been leased for 3 months.

Do I need my own truck?

Yes, drivers will need to supply their own ¾ or 1 ton truck. For drivers operating a truck that is registered to someone other than themselves, Gateway requires an agreement between the registered owner of the truck and the driver.

Are there slow times?

Yes. Like most industries, there are busy seasons and slow seasons. Generally, the slow seasons for the RV transportation industry are from late-june until late-august as well as the Christmas season.

Do I need to run a logbook or ELD?

All Gateway drivers are required to maintain an accurate logbook. Most drivers are exempt from using a mandatory Electronic Logging Device (ELD). Some haul & tow drivers will be required to use an ELD.

How much experience do I need?

2 years of experience hauling trailers or an equivalent are required to become a driver.

Will I be force dispatched?

No, drivers can select their trips based on what is available. Dispatching is done over the phone or in person.